Logo - RespectMotherEarth

Who we are

We dream of a world where all creatures live together peacefully.

Of a world in which every living thing has access to clean water, fresh air and healthy soil.

Of a world where we all take care of ourselves and respect and protect our planet Mother Earth.

Of a world where EVERYONE makes a small contribution that has a big positive impact for the future.

But we don't want to just dream, we want, become and contribute every day to honor Mother Earth, without hypocrisy, no fake, honest in what is possible for us.

It's not about lecturing others and installing prohibitions with a raised forefinger or even with requirements and laws. Rather, it is about starting with oneself. To be aware that really EVERY individual can and must make his contribution.

Every single one. It always starts with oneself.

Our heartbeat is to shape a culture of charity, a culture to honestly love Mother Earth.

She gives so much and expects so little.

It is NOW time to take care of our nurturing mother.

  • Roland Friedl – Founder of RespectMotherEarth
  • Agnes Slupek – Founder of RespectMotherEarth