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Logo - RespectMotherEarth


Who we are

We dream of a world where all creatures live together peacefully. Of a world where every living being has access to clean water, fresh air and healthy earth. Of a world where we all take care of ourselves and respect and protect our planet Mother Earth. Of a world where EVERYONE makes a small contribution that has a big positive impact for the future.


Other than their majesty, intelligence and right to survival, Elephants are Africa’s gardeners and landscape engineers, planting seeds and creating critical habitat wherever they roam.

The EARTH Show

On USA GLOBAL TV & RADIO we (Marcin and Roland) report 2x a month (Wednesdays at 7pm CET) on topics related to the protection of Mother Earth.

We may be living in an unprecedented time when processes larger than we can imagine are colliding to create a new reality for our planet. It may be our last chance to stop a domino effect of change with global impacts on the biosphere. And our action or inaction is the main trigger for the upcoming scenario on our planet. So, what would you do?


You want to be not only inspired, but also involved?

Then join in. We are happy about everyone who joins us. Here you can find out how you can support our work!


Here you will find links to further information, organizations or initiatives that we at RespectMotherEarth support.