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On USA GLOBAL TV & RADIO we (Marcin and Roland) report 2x a month (Wednesdays at 7pm CET) on topics related to the protection of Mother Earth.

We may be living in an unprecedented time when processes larger than we can imagine are colliding to create a new reality for our planet. It may be our last chance to stop a domino effect of change with global impacts on the biosphere. And our action or inaction is the main trigger for the upcoming scenario on our planet. So, what would you do?

We believe that the only solution to find our way is to put everything we seem to know to the test. To face our fears and risk unpleasant emotions in order to reach a calm heart. 

Our hearts beat in the same way as they did 200 or 2000 years ago. And it is suspected that our cells originate from a prehistoric ocean. 

Since we are part of the environment, everything is interconnected, and our actions can harm it, we can also reverse the influence. But not out of fear, anger or misery. We can do it out of respect for our mother.

The environmental, economic and social crises we face are frightening.

The problems are global, but many of the solutions are local.

Join us on our unique quest for the truth that can literally save our lives. Our water and our earth. The beauty of the world around you. 

If we understand them better, it will be easier for us to make the right decisions. We will take on the challenge of digging deeper into environmental science, combining knowledge of economics, psychology, sociology and transcendence. There is no magic here - just scientific facts meeting human experience.

Real – authentic – …

Here you can find both the recordings of the past shows and the announcement of the next ones with link to YouTube.

Roland Friedl - RespectMotherEarth
Roland Friedl - Creator & Founder
Marcin Kraszewski
Marcin Kraszewski - Co-Host